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This site is now hugely popular to all car lovers and is visited by users all over the world. We score very highly on most search engines too. Check out our webstats at and see for yourself.

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You dont need to. We can place a simple banner that will appear at random on every page of our website with exception to the home page at a very affordable cost. We will also design the banner for you. Current banner designs include the following:

Prices are usually 45 per year for a standard banner to appear on all pages of the bravo-guide excluding the forum. As the forum is a high traffic area with over 150,000 page views per month prices for advertising here are usully 10 per month (taken in 6 month chunks).

However, if you have something that you may be able to offer the club we can then start to haggle

If you are interested in taking this opportunity or require any further information please contact Wimmy on