Welcome to the world of Fiat Bravo's and Brava's. You are either here because you are a very poor typist or you own a piece of Fiat automobile history. Hopefully, if you are the latter, here you will find all the answers to questions you never even knew existed and will probably forget the answers to anyway!

Please post a message on the forum which is free.
State as much detail as possible, including the year of the car and the engine size.

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The Bravo/a Register 
Got a Bravo/a, then join the Fiat Bravo/a register. You can either opt to simply add your details to the register - its free, or take the oppertunity to join the Bravo/a Owners Organisation and become a Boozer (or Boozette, ladies)

PR Information & Advertising
The original November 1995 press release pack, plus road tests and magazine write up's and advertising.

Buyers Guide
In this section you will find all the information you need to ensure that you purchase a top quality car. There is also a model guide and brief history.

Running Guide
Now you have one, you need to keep it in top condition. All the important information from the handbooks is contained here.

Cambelt Guide
This deserves an area all of its own. If you own a Bravo/a you need to read this.

Repair Guide
OK you must have had a sense of humour to get this far. Its now gone wrong but here is a technical (ish) guide on the common ailments and what to do about them.

Modification Guide
You have had it a week and now you want to do what! Here you will find information on aftermarket componenets, add ons and extra's and where to get them. Also contained are some hints and tips on what to do and what not to do

Radio and CD Changer Guide
OK, I gave up trying to slot this information into other areas. This information is for standard radios and the CD changers that will fit them, where to get them and how to install them.


Bravo Gallery
Events where Bravo owners have met up and a gallery of events and cars.

2006 Events Listing
This is a list of events that ere either Italian car specific, i.e. Auto Italia Championships, worthwhile trips i.e. Le Mans or just organised events where Bravo owners will be meeting up and maybe showing off!

For Sale
Here you can put Bravo/a bits up for sale, whole cars, manuals, anything Bravo related.
This section is currently closed

Bravo Forum
THE place to ask questions, say hello and talk to fellow Bravo owners.

And finally, the obligatory page of links, mainly Italian car related, but some other useful ones that may assist in your journey.

Contact the editor

Traffic Lights
The editor has been in a few scrapes while driving. What with a trailer becoming unhitched from the vehicle in front of his, having the steering fail in a van on the way to Scotland, a car  hitting the crash barrier on the opposite side of a motorway just in front of him, it's a small wonder that he came out of these scrapes alive never mind completely unscathed!  

Thank God for huge mercies!

Anyway, he is really thankful that traffic light suppliers make products that prevent most motorists crossing in front of him. Unlike the occasion when a car pulled out of a side road and ran in to him. The offending driver admitted he hadn't looked before he pulled out and in front of witnesses too!


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