This is information on the standard radios, the CD players to fit them and where to get them in the UK.



AD182H Manual

Download the manual for the AD182H Radio in pdf format here

Big thanks to Pete F for this one

Adobe Acrobat reader required

Click here


CD Changers

The only new CD changers that will directly fit to the Bravo/a head units are the Grundig MCD-46 and the SONY CDX-T69. If you have a MK1 Bravo/a then the likelyhood is that the cable will already be in the car. It will run from behind the glovebox to the boot and will be left dangling in a grey foam casing.

If you have a MK2 Bravo/a, Fiats saved millions by not installing the cable directly. You will have to install one yourself .

The CD Changers are available as a kit for your car from Add-A-Cdchanger in the UK. They can also supply the cable on its own you need the Grundig on for an MCD 46 or MCD 36 and is available from the same people

Email them here

If you do buy from them or contact them please tell them that you came from the Bravo Guide.


Second Hand CD Changers
The MCD 36, 40 and 46 will fit if you can find one, however the 10 stacker will only work on the flick of a button on the first 6 CD's, you then have to tab through for the remaining. Dont forget the cable available as above.


How to Fit a CD Changer
Mark I
The cable is already in the boot hanging down from either the left or right hand side under the parcel shelf supports. Unwrap it from the grey foam and plug the DIN connector into your GRUNDIG CD Changer (there is a hint there on which one to buy!). Screw, stick, bolt or blue tack the unit somewhere in the boot and that is really about it. How you mount it is really up to you and your use of the car.
Mark II
As mentioned before, the MK2 does not have a cable installed. If you have bought the changer kit from the links above then you will have everything you need. First, decide where you want to mount the changer, they will fit under the rear seat if you want to cut a flap in the carpet, or in the boot if you want to spend the time getting the cable there!
There really isn't an easy way of explaining  how to run the cable, its pretty obvious though. The hardest bit is to run the cable under the door sill plate. This plate will more than likely split or crack as you take it off. Don't worry, new ones are available form Fiat at £12! Try and run it under the trim and seats as far as possible to prevent damage and snagging. I would recommend getting a box of plasters first as the finish on those Fiat plastic interiors is dreadful and you will cut yourself to shreds doing this - I did!


How to Remove the Standard Radio

Open the tape flap

Slide a feeler gauge down the left hand bottom side

Pull the tape unit using your fingers inside the unit

Slide the feeler guage down the right hand bottom side while pulling the unit out

The unit will now just keep pulling out

It is the bottom of the clip that goes into an indentation and you are pushing the lug up to release the radio

Alternatively, you may wish to use two tools. One in either side. Sometimes after doing the left side then going to the right, the left clicks back in place! how frustrating!


Fitting an Aftermarket Radio
You can of course fit any aftermarket head unit into your Bravo. You will need a fascia moutning plate which can be purchased from Auto Audio Accessories. Jonathon has imported some stylish versions, much better than the ones found  elsewhere, mainly because he owns a Bravo himself - top lad!


Radio Wiring Guide
Speaker Cabling Block





Light Blue / Yellow

RH Rear Speak +


Light Blue / White

RH Rear Speaker -


Pink / Black

RH Front Tweeter & Door Speaker +


Black / Violet

RH Front Tweeter & Door Speaker -

Red / Yellow

LH Front Tweeter & Door Speaker -


White / Black

LH Front Tweeter & Door Speaker +


Light Blue / Red

LH Rear Speaker +


White / Red

LH Rear Speaker -

Feed and Earthing Block






Feed From Ignition (only on when Ignition is on)


Yellow / Black

Radio Lighting Feed 



Permanent Feed





Grundig CD Changer Cable Wiring

If you want to make up your own cable, it will cost about £8 for the components from Maplins. You will need an 8 Pin DIN type socket and small terminal connectors. Next you need to take out the blue connector block from the back of your radio. If it has wires in it already you are laughing as all you will need to do is connect the wires from the cable to the relevant wire in your socket. If no wires are in the blue connecotr then you will need the terminal connectors to fit.

Anyway.. the cable is wired as follows

If you number the pins on the din plug clockwise 1 to 7 with pin 8 being the middle one the cable is wired as follows


The second number is the corresponding position of the wire in the blue connector as follows.



Cable also available to buy from here


Fiat Radio Tips and Hints

Resetting For Use
The sound system will be electronically protected if the code is on and the device is disconnected from the car battery (or the constant 30 positive terminal)

1. The message >>SAFE<< will appear on the display after approx 3 seconds the message >>1----<< will appear. The 1 identifies the number of attempts to enter the code.

2. Enter the code by means of the station selection buttons from 2 to 5

eg 1018

Button 2 press once

Button 3 dont touch

Button 4 press once

Button 5 press eight times

3. To confirm the CODE: briefly press the EXP button. The message >>SAFE<< will appear temporarily on the display. The system should start working after 3 seconds.

Radio Wiring Guide

I think this applies to most of the 182 range

MCD36 Cartridge

Lost, Stolen or Broken MCD 36 or 46 CD Cartridge?

CPC (Combined Precision Components) 08701 202530 They take the details from you and then send you a enquiry outcome form with the results. Cost £29.73 + VAT and POSTAGE - approx 39 quid for a new one.The part number for the MCD 36 is GR75952-038-65.


iPod Bravo Output

Click here for Sven's pdf guide

If you do not fancy attempting this yourself, try contacting the guys below. They will probably have a solution for you. They can also supply custom brackets and kits to fit directly on to your Bravo/a or Marea

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If you need any assistance on what to order e-mail their sales team who are very helpful

If you do buy from them or contact them please tell them that you came from the Bravo Guide.